The Secret LoungeFly Site!

You may have noticed random LoungeFly branded products hitting the market. Don’t worry they are not fake. I am going to let you on a little secret.

LoungeFly is in contract with companies/brands to produce their own exclusive LoungeFly x Disney products. The products match and carry the same quality as the LoungeFly name. PinsBreaktheInternet is one of those companies but we are only concentrating on pins. You may be wondering why I am promoting a direct “competitor” but really we are not in competition. Their line of products is totally different than anything that I can or will produce.

I want to showcase a site that is a little hidden gem that does more than just pins.


Site: https://www.modernpinup.com/

This is one of their adorable
LoungeFly x Disney x ModernPinup Exclusive prints
[ bag ]

If that didn’t excite you, wait until you see more exclusive LoungeFly x Disney x ModernPinup products.

Mouth dropping exclusive Disney LoungeFly bags that will make you the most unique LoungeFly addict at the parks. Disney dog prints, Princesses, Chip and Dale and even Winnie the Pooh are among their custom designs. But, wait there is more. The reason why I found them is because of these jumbo pins for all you pin-heads out there. These Disney LoungeFly, Limited Edition of 600, pins are so beautiful and will be perfect to add to any Disney pin collectors collections.

The LoungeFly jumbo Disney pins include:
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Belle Limited Edition Pin
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Little Mermaid Ariel Limited Edition Pin
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Baby Dumbo with Mrs Jumbo Pin
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Limited Edition Winnie the Pooh Pin
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Limited Edition
Loungefly Modern Pinup Exclusive Cinderella Limited Edition Pin

I am in awe over these beautiful Disney Pins. The best part is that they are only $25+shipping, just like Loungefly themselves. It excites me to see other companies providing quality Disney pins to help promote our Disney pin community. I want you to know that I am writing this article not because I am collaborating with them or receiving any type of commission but for the sole purpose of showing off their wonderful product.


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Hey it's cool. There were some great wallets and other accessories I haven't seen before. I didn't buy anything this time though.
1 year ago