HARVEYS CALIFORNIA – Sells Disney Pins?!?!

Did you know that Harveys sells Disney pins too!

When you think of Harveys, you think of the famous seat belt bags but silently and slowly Harveys has been releasing matching Disney pins. They started doing this about three to five years back and now the pin designs are selling out with their signature Harvey bags.

Minnie Mouse Bag & Pin

Here is the matching Minnie polka dot matching bag and pin.

picture: @shopharveys

These are both still available on their site.
[ pin ][ bag ]

I can vouch for the quality of Harveys pins. They are made very well and are a higher quality standard than Disney themselves. I personally like these pins due to their uniqueness and design.

Don’t be fooled that that they are just making common Minnie Mouse pins. Harveys released creatively designed Donald Duck Disney pins in the past too.

Another place to spend our money. I love these Disney Pins by Harvey. Do you?


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