Disney Pins Available in Japan – Shop Disney Japan – 02.19.21

Ever wonder if shopDisney releases the same pins worldwide? Here’s a current list of what pins are being currently in stock if you happen to live in Japan.

FYI: shopDisney Japan does not ship to America directly. The most popular way to get them is through a personal shopper based in Japan.

Here is the Disney Pins available as of 02/20/21

List of Dual Country Releases: Lady and the Tramp Crashes Disney Pin, Winnie the Pooh 55th Anniversary Legacy Disney Pin, Winnie the Pooh Key Disney Pin, 101 Dalmatians 60th Anniversary Legacy Disney Pin, Mickey & Minnie Birthday Cake Disney Pin
List of Dual Country Releases: Stitch Crashes Disney Pin Book, Grape Soda Pin, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Disney Pin, Peter Pan Flair Pin Set (all flair pin sets probably)
Far as I know, All Japan Exclusive Disney Pins
Majority released in America too.
Majority of these Disney pins are Dual Country releases except the Rapunzel Pin Set, Clarabelle the Cow? and the Pooh Wishing Bear set.

My favorite new set is below but luckily it is also released in America!! Yay, saving on shipping.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Sushi Flair Pin Set Official shopDisney

Click here to see the Sushi Tsum tsum pin set on shopDisney America

Let me know what you think, should every country have their own pins? Or are the days of country exclusive pins over


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